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About Ashley

Ashley Mielke is a certified life coach, microcelebrity expert, and speaker specializing in connecting women to their intuition, designing burnout-proof businesses, and establishing microcelebrity status among online communities. She is the founder of Ashley Mielke Coaching, LLC, a destination for female entrepreneurs to learn foundational marketing and sales strategies they can pair with their our intuition and processes to create businesses that flourish and grow.

She is the creator of 9TOFREEDOM™, Made for Everything™, and other coaching programs that have served over 1,000 women in their journey to start and scale successful businesses. She is also the co-founder of the Living Adventures Podcast, which focuses on navigating life, business and friendship with ADHD.

Ashley's work in grounded in the belief that we are the experts of our own lives and if we can learn to trust our intuition and develop unique strategies and methods for our own lives, any dream can come true. The Intuitive Diaries and Intuitive Confidential Membership were created to help women begin to tap into their intuition and reconnect to their authenticity so they learn how to do life and business whatever way they want. 


About Victoria

Hiii, I am Victoria Vance!

I am a dual certified Health Coach and Life Coach. I am a neurodivergent myself and I coach females with ADHD teaching them how to manage their symptoms and build the life they want and deserve!

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 10 years old and went on meds and was asked are they working? And I sat there for a good five minutes wondering what was going on and how to know if they were working because nobody told me what ADHD even meant.

So hopefully by now you at least know what it means lol. I specialize in coaching and helping people work through their ADHD overwhelm by finding control in their life and creating calm, organized, and sustainable environments that truly flow with your brain. I provide the framework and it is up to you to make the decisions and build the system for your brain.

I provide the support and accountability that can be hard with ADHD. I am here to crush every limiting belief we were taught and put up ourselves. There are hard and low energy days but I am here to pick you up and get back on your feet.

Also, this is Beau he is a crazy parkour-filled puppy soo you might just see him jump off a wall at some point but it is always very funny. (I am training him to be a therapy dog and I think he does it to break tension).