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Hiiii, it's Ashley and Victoria!

Owners & Creators of Living Adventures and the Living Adventures Podcast.

We are two neurodivergent business owners who were craving community and connection after spending way too many years feeling alone. We are on a mission to connect like-minded people who are seeking adventure, purpose, and community.

Every piece we create is made with the intention to empower you to unapologetically embrace your authentic self and find others who believe in the same truths you do.

You are worthy of adventures, setting boundaries, and trying new things. We can't wait to see the adventures you go on!

  • How to *actually* hit your goals - the ADHD way

    The 5 steps you need to take to set and consistently hit your goals.

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  • How to Overcome Self-Sabotage and Take Your First Steps

    Self sabotage, working through overwhelm and creating a permission structure to take first steps.

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  • How to Implement the 7 Types of Rest

    The 7 types of rest and how to start implementing them on a daily basis to reduce/prevent burnout.

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